22 days later and I still get "The note is not yet ready for the anonymity mining"

22 days ago I withdrew my assets from Tornado.

However, I still get “The note is not yet ready for the anonymity mining” when I try to claim the rewards.

In the past, I was always able to claim rewards 24-72H after withdrawing my funds.

I’m a bit worried as we come close to the end of the claim period (if not extended) and might lose funds if I cannot resolve this issue.

Hey there Anon,

The specific error you are facing is down to your deposit event not being inserted to the Merkle trees, which updates the trees roots, allowing verifiable proof of your commitment.


When you enter your note and see this error, you can reveal more details about where the trees are currently at relative to your deposit event at the hyperlink in the error - “show mining note information”.


When you’re here you can see how many other pending batches need to be updated before your event will be inserted to the trees, you can either:

  • do this yourself by updating all batches pending precedent to yours through the “update trees” button (not seen on this screenshot), which may incur huge gas costs or be relatively acceptable versus your anonymity mining rewards
  • wait until someone else updates the tree

You can still claim after the date anonymity mining rewards end, as it’s only the date where TORN will no longer be allocated to such incentives. Speculation is, the AP rate may rise significantly because of rate at which AP is exchanged may increase towards the end of the campaign and lack of a supply to swap. You will be still able to claim something due to the AMM functionality of exchanging AP for TORN but AP will no longer be generated for deposits.

Hey @xgozzy

Thanks for your answer, much appreciated.

It has now been 28 days and I still get the same message. I tried updating the pending batches via the “updating trees” button, but I get “Something went wrong. Maybe someone has already updated the tree. Please refresh the page and try again.” error message every time I tried. FYI: I tried 5+ times, on different days and for different “stuck” claims.

With the anonymity mining coming to an end, that’s quite a lot of funds that I may loose entirely.

I do not understand what you mean here. Afaik the anonymity rewards will end around Dec 18th 2021 and it will not be possible to exchange AP into TORN after that point. Am I missing something?

TORN will no longer be allocated to the rewards contract, meaning only a select proportion will remain to how bonding curves work. So expect the conversion rate to rise, meaning that the reward would be significantly decreased and last I checked APY’s are negative for anonymity mining. You can still claim after the 18th but I have said previously there will be a supply shock.

Probably the best thing to do right now is to claim your AP if it is indeed worth the effort versus the costs of claiming and exchanging (+ potential tree updates).

You can query the AP/TORN rate here, to compute whether it is feasible.

You probably know how all your LPs feel right now…

Yep. Well pissed off.

We all spent crap ton of capital to pay for gas fees and took high risk in providing liquidity.

And now I cannot even cash out the rewards I had left because of some technical issues compounded with some shitty AP/TORN rate.

I’m really wondering who the F setup this crappy tokenomics?

This is making your whole team look terribly bad. Starting to wonder if we havn’t put far too much confidence in your abilities to come up with half-decent tokenomics.

No, this is not a technical issue. The strategy to get profit has been so obvious that everyone was trying the same thing, and you are left holding the bag.

The AP/TORN rate has been public since months at Dune Analytics, and the fact that TORN is not going to be allocated to the rewards contract has been discussed since August at the latest.

There also has been a talk about the rate collapse since the last month.

AP-TORN rate thru the roof

There should have been a lot of opportunities for you to talk about the tokenomics until now (You could have left a comment on Tornado.Cash Governance Proposal. Tornado.Cash has become the largest… | by Tornado Cash | Medium for example). I think you know that it is too late to blame someone at the last minute.

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If that may help convince you: this issue is costing me a lot, but obviously I’m very busy and did have the necessary time to check into this issue.

Tbh it feels quite natural to me that things come to an end. But this way? No.

If anything, rewards should remain claimable for the part when I was providing liquidity. Rn I’m ending up with nothing.

Look at that spike. Do you really think that reflects an informed community?

Just like in every single project, people do expect to be able to claim their rewards at any point. Vs being pressed into claiming 1/10th of their originally planned reward because of a silly governance mechanism that did not take into account those who are not full-time degens.

Why don’t you create a proposal instead of blaming someone?

The community is open to a casual proposal, yet nothing can be actually changed unless you would participate with governance. Stop expecting someone would work for your interest, and instead try to write a smart contract to replace the silly governance mechanism with a better one. Asking someone to work for you does not really fit for the decentralized governance IMO.