32 ETH Deposit Option

Hi everyone,

It seems that the community is interested in creating a 32 ETH increment anonymity set. This seems like a great initiative to implement.

If users currently want to create an anonymous validator they need to send in (1) three 10 ETH increments, (2) two 2 ETH increments, (3) one 0.1 ETH increment. The other option would be for users to use a centralized exchange.

This is incredibly gas inefficient and time-consuming. It also would lower the effectiveness of the anonymity set and likely not guarantee anonymity for the end-user.

I propose that we create a 32.1 ETH pool (the 0.1 ETH to accommodate for gas) and incentivize it to ensure a large enough anonymity set.

Is the community open to this change?


@CommunityDev1337 where are you at with the asset onboarding framework ? Does it support adding incentive for new assets ?

There will be few people willing to use the 32 ETH. There will be no privacy in this and also sense

Can you expand on this a bit more? Not sure why you think that.

I see, so do you have a timeline for the audit of Tornado instances ?
And guess it won’t includes setting mining right ? This proposal wants to activate anonymity mining for the new pool.

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32.1 ETH makes sense to me … assuming enough people use it (I would)