Activity of multisig member mr Ghost

Dear community,
I suppose, most of us are shocked by the war against Ukraine. One of tornado cash multisig members is a public supporter of this war. In general everybody is, of course, allowed to have his own opinion, but this public position could have implications for TC as a project.
I am speaking about Mr. Ghost (newly elected multisig member).

This person has own telegram channels about crypto with more than 100 000 subscribers. In his channels he used to shill coins and tokens but also provide creative content. So the channel was more or less interesting until this war has started. Now they write crazy imperialistic messages and censor comments, so that only war supporter comments stay.So that readers are getting an impression, that most of them supporting this war, the war is historically necessary and so on (those are some of the goals of such information campaigns).
Even Dima Buterin the father of Vitalik Buterin noticed that (

It is known that there is the special department in Kremlin, which finance such internet activities. We don’t know, ether Mr Ghost get payed for that (which is for me not the same as get tokens for shill ) or even is really part of a cyber war machinery or whatever.

If they are the part and have tight connections to the officials, it would be even worse for TC, since it would mean that one of multisigs (who is able to take an influence on TC development) is a part of this machinery. This could attract even more attention from appropriate authorities to TC.

As you know Vitalik himself deposit significant amount of ETH in TC. I think, he will stop his support of TC is he will know, what one of multisigs is doing.

MrGhost is definitely harming tornado cash now. When we have selected him, we had no signs of such activity, but now it is dangerous and ugly to have him as multisig and pay a lot of TORNs for this.

IV. He is also moderating russian TC support forum in telegram. Until yesterday, he was neutral at least in this forum. But now look at this:


Анонимус! Вступай в ряды TORN!
Защитить мир от заразы ЦРУ’шной Гидры = наша общая цель и задача.

… Нажмите здесь, чтобы вступить в чат.

So now he is writing same crap but from Tornado_Cash telegram account.

I think DAO should remove him from multisig members and either remove from TC admins or make some policy about possible content of TC forum, if he stay there.

With best regards,


Lol. I live in the USA and don’t know what are you talking about.

But nice try!

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Ok, so you live in USA and don’t know russian, right?
1.But you have translated tc doc to russian: Russian docs : Mr_Ghost
and you are funded by DAO for the moderation of russian TC support forum, right?
This is how bt11ba introduced you:
I propose that we expand our field of vision by adding a non-European/American multisig this time, but rather a Russian one, who can represent the interests of the Russian community: @Ghost (creator of the Tornado Cash russian telegram group).

His telegram group contains many tornado members and he is quite active. He has also given a lot of his time to the community. So he could very well become a multi-sig in my opinion by continuing what he is doing today in a more active way if he wants t

So nice try!
Dear DAO lets vote to remove him!


Dear Mr. Dmitry Buterin, Mr. Ghost and all Russian community asked me to ask you to go and to fuck youself.

But I am still living in the USA. I love USA!


Please, this is a kind reminder to be respectful with each other. Such aggressive language won’t be tolerated further.