Altornado 1.0 - staking UI by Tornado Cash Community

altornado 1.0 - staking UI by Tornado Cash Community

gm everyone !

We would like to introduce altornado, a staking UI made by Tornado Cash Community, for the Tornado Cash community.

Who are we ?

We are a team of 4 developers and Tornado Cash users since 2020.

Why altornado ?

In wanting to contribute to the community, we spoke with @bt11ba who shared with us the need for a staking UI and in the long run, the necessity for a Tornado Cash full alternative UI made by the Tornado Cash Community.

Hence came the name altornado: from “alternative” and “tornado”.

Since the beginning of April, we have been working on this cool project.

After finishing the first version in development, we had the opportunity to share our work with the founders of Tornado Cash who gave us their feedbacks.

Following their recommendations, we hired a UX/UI expert to accompany us in this adventure.

With the help of this specialist, we decided to associate altornado’s image with the green color to remind us of Tornado Cash’s original brand while bringing in a new identity.

We wanted to provide the community with an intuitive and rich user experience. That’s why on altornado, you will always have information about your wallet as well as information about your future rewards depending on the amount you want to stake.

As members of the Tornado Cash community, we are very attached to open source.
That’s why altornado’s source code is and will always be free to access.
Privacy is the most important thing to us, we do not and will never have access to altornado user data.

The site will always remain accessible to everyone, without any restrictions.

We really enjoyed this experience and we still have a lot of ideas to implement for future versions.

We will continue to improve the website, add new features and follow the community feedbacks.

What’s next ?

Here is what we plan to implement in the next months:

altornado 2.0

  • Detailed decentralized statistics through The Graph solution
    • Tornado Cash Classic, Tornado Cash Nova
    • TORN token
    • Staking
    • Governance (voting power, delegations, votes…)
    • Relayers
  • Full onchain governance
    • Create proposals
    • Delegate/undelegate
    • Vote
    • Execution
  • Offchain governance (see snapshots directly on altornado)
  • altornado available on .onion
  • Privacy-oriented & open source solution for collecting your opinions directly on the site
  • Updating the site in accordance with the community’s needs
  • FAQ
  • Bug fixes, website maintenance
  • Fully open-source

altornado 3.0 (when the Tornado Cash Classic UI will be open-source)

  • Deposit/Withdrawal with Tornado Cash Classic contracts on every available blockchains
  • Compliance
  • Swap TORN directly from the website
  • See forum discussions directly from the website
  • Updating the site in accordance with the community’s needs
  • Full altornado documentation & video tutorials
  • Bug fixes, website maintenance
  • Fully open-source

In the future, we plan to work on the integration of Nova as well as Super Nova on altornado, as soon as these solutions will be open-sources.

Acknowledgments :pray:

We would like to thank Tornado Cash founders for their honest feedbacks. Not forgetting @bt11ba for supporting and advising us throughout the project and of course thanks to @xgozzy for giving us his opinion and advising us before we shared altornado with all of you!
Finally, we want to thank you, the community, for your attention and future feedbacks.

We remain at your disposal and would be very happy to talk with you about this very cool project :rocket: !


Maybe you have twitter or telegram channel where we can follow the news

Once again, and publicly this time, I want to congratulate you on your work. The 1.0 version gives us a nice preview of what we will have on the next versions. Moreover, it is not visible here since you only show the final version, but you really made an effort by giving multiple different versions that you changed as you received feedback. It was a pleasure to advise you on this project and I will continue to do so in the future.

An alternative front end is clearly needed to bring more decentralization. The founders team is doing an incredible job of decentralization and I think that giving them a help on this point by providing an alternative front done by our community is definitely worthwhile.
You didn’t ask for a grant in your thread, however I feel that this is an important point as you have mentioned it privately with me through Telegram. Therefore, I think it would be appropriate to work with the other multisigs on a monthly Sablier grant proposal so that you can continue to work on this roadmap.

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It’s always a pleasure to work with you @bt11ba.
All the altornado team is grateful for the feedback and help that you gave us.
For the grant it is certain that it will allow us to continue to develop the project in the best conditions in a stable and efficient way.
Currently we are 4 developers actively working on altornado and for each version we are working with a UX/UI expert regarding altornado branding.
For this grant we will rely on the proposal of multi-sig and the decisions of the community.

From the altornado team

Of course, we will share the development of the project and news from altornado on this account :

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I didn’t have the opportunity to follow the altornado adventure closely, but it’s a pleasure to see the result of your work.

In view of your grant, I just sent a message to the other multisig signers to discuss a snapshot proposal we could make.

Since many people have read this post (345), it is time to suggest a grant through a Snapshot proposal.

In regards to the first version delivered by the Altornado team, we can trust them in working on their roadmap.
Here is what we can suggest:


  • @bt11ba will be in charge of managing their work, which means that he will follow and monitor their work and help them reach objectives.
  • For each ‘version’, every multisigs will reunite and provide feedback. Rezan and Gozzy will be able to audit the code, as they have a technical expertise.
  • If something is needed by the community, Altornado team will work on it to implement it. The community will be able to give feedback on the Twitter altornado or on the Discourse/Discord/Telegram.
  • Altornado team will provide help/answer questions to the users.
  • Altornado team will keep updating current and older versions of their product.

Compensation (if the grant is approved)

  • Altornado team will be granted a 6 month sablier as a contribution renumeration. If they are delivering a ‘good’ product, their grant could continue, to keep working on it. (Community fund signers are responsible for following this).
  • Altornado is a team of 4 full-time developers + 1 UX/UI part-time (freelance) designer. We can compensate up to 2 US full-time software engineer salary, with a base of $9k per month for one software engineer (average salary for a software engineer in U.S California/Switzerland, where they are located), to compensate their contribution, which is $18,000 per month during a time frame of 6 month, in TORN.


In these cases, the grant will be terminated:

  • If the altornado team does not deliver enough (the community fund signers will have to establish if the team has delivered enough results),
  • If the altornado team no longer follow guidelines from the community fund signers,
  • If the altornado team no longer provides/stops providing news on its progress,
  • If the altornado project is no longer open source.

Please @rezan or @bt11ba, could you create a snapshot for this proposal? :cat:

I wish you all a very nice weekend! :sunglasses:

Snapshot proposal is live for 7 days.

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Great work to all involved with contributing to this project thus far. I think your commitments are feasible to advocate for alignment with the organisation to facilitate further development and research. A community-led frontend alternative is a resource I am willing to support. I will recommend discussion should be facilitated on prioritizing and identifying more crucial features that such an alternative needs.

A public resource like this should cater to simplicity but also privacy-preserving methodologies. We are all too accustomed to the invasive natures associated with ISPs, RPC providers and DNS registrars to interact with the protocol. Research to negate and educate the privacy contingencies of all the associated stacks should be of a high priority. It is something I am willing to assist with, integrated functionality of classic and nova are the first important steps forward precedent or parallel to this.

I look forward to assessing your future work and if I have any feedback it will be formally propagated through pull requests or the forum if it is of a wider concern.

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Thanks for your feedback.

One of our priorities is to keep a public and privacy oriented solution that is easily accessible. It would be a pleasure to discuss about what to prioritize on the altornado project.

From the altornado team.

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