Anonymity Tool Bounty Submission: Tutela

To those not familiar with the bounty program, there were two initial tasks posted. One of these tasks was the anonymity tool, a concept aiming to help identify poor usage of the protocol that could compromise an individual user’s privacy. Thus the ability to quantify the feasibility of any of the protocol’s anonymity sets. The deliverables being formal theory, the implementation and a web application for public access to the algorithm.

Interest gathered from external actors, seeking to contribute to such an idea. While many initial parties were looking to originally compete to fulfil the task. They banded together to form the team that produced Tutela, the exact focus of this proposal.

Over the span of 3 months, the contributors of Tutela produced the following:

  • A specification document of the formalised theory
  • A python clustering algorithim for ethereum addresses of
  • Conceptualisations of heuristics to define links between addresses
  • A fully-fledged web application
  • An automated server (cronjobs) to keep transaction data synced from Google BigQuery
  • The anonymity set auditor, scoring an instances’ true entropy
  • Bi-weekly updates of their workflow, here on the forums and in Discord [1], [2]

While the maximum payout for this task was initially assigned as 2,000 TORN. The markets have shifted creating a disparity between the work produced and what should be at best, default compensation. The expected monetary value was to be in the $100,000 - $135,000 range, as this is no longer true. The solution is compensation in TORN of either, $100,000 or $125,000 at the time of completion and acceptance of the poll. So that, an equitable reward can be allocated to a submission that fulfils or excels the task.

Furthermore, this proposal can be categorised as “critical” due to the sizeable allocation of community fund resources. I and other community members such as @bt11ba have agreed, a timeline of 7 days is suitable for balloting topics of such circumstances. In short being, a simple policy to allow governance to materialise organically and equitably.

Snapshot link:

[1] Tutela v1 - an Ethereum and Tornado Cash Anonymity Tool
[2] Tutela - Anonymity Detection Tool - Final Update


I have thorougly investigated the work produced in this submission as of late last week, you can read my comments and feedback here.

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