AP-TORN rate thru the roof

The AP-TORN rate went from ~1M at the end of October 2021 to ~3M as of today (Nov 8th 2021). Meaning that the reward decreased 3x.

That’s a huge change making anonymity mining a LOT less attractive. I’m afraid capital might just go elsewhere.

Any specific reason for this sudden change of AP-TORN rate?

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It is the game of supply and demand. As the end date of anonymity mining approaches, the demand for AP/TORN swaps increases, which increases the amount of AP needed to obtain TORN.

what happens to those who have AP and didn’t convert them to TORN?

Nothing. However, when the TORN pool allocated to anonymity mining is empty, they will not be able to exchange anything for their APs.

Sorry for sounding stupid, but why is there an end date to anonymity mining? That would essentially make tornado.cash undesirable to anyone wanting to generate rewards.

I’ve had deposits earning rewards for months, and now they are just all lost? I feel like I must be missing something.

Its because AP mining is going to shut down in 1 month. So the rate will not recover anymore.

I don’t understand how people think they get “free” money out of nothing. But yes, the merkle roots will never be updated anymore since it will have no use to do so (until we’ve switched to Ethereum 2.0 with zero fees - maybe).

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TORN is not a mining/reward farm platform… So yeah, capital will likely flow out but research done somewhere else on this platform indicates it’s not that essential.

TORN mining is over now but there is much more exposure than last year. Maybe TORN will go to $1000 and the little you get now for AP/TORN is still worth it, maybe not.

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Fair enough.

When is the AP:TORN anonymity mining ending?

Officially it’s 11th of December I think - but it is virtually already ended. There is not going to be enough TORN to put the rate under 3M I think, but you never know.

thanks for the info! could you link to the research? curious to read it.