Apply to be Strategic Partner

Hi community members here,

Here is Footprint Analytics team.

Footprint Analytics, a blockchain analytics team which provides unrivalled ability for investors to unlock blockchain insights covering all transaction datas of Ethereum chain and datas of multi-chains and NFT in next few quarters . Our team aims to cover all protocols on multi-chain data , Figuring out treassure from massive on-chain data.

We have been in the market since August-21 this year, amassing 700 registered analysts, 10,000 followers on socials and are supported by a strong technical team led by a number of wall street and finance gurus.

Here is the site:

What Footprint Analytics look for from establishing partnership

  1. Expand awareness of brand
    Since Footprint Analytics launched 2 months ago, our team seize chances for potential partners on co-marketing
  2. Fundraising(if any chances here)

What Footprint Analytics can contribute to community:

  1. Tech support on maintainance of your website
    To better assist community members choosing their appetites on investments . Footprint Analytics can help embeded data dashboard to site, providng insights to audiences with pool-level datas based on Footprint’s database

  2. Online sharing sessions/Workshops Courses on DeFi for freshmen
    Footprint Analytics got experience on education for freshmen on DeFi world, Our team enjoys to be one of huge influncers of preaching blockchain world.

  3. Footprint Analytics’ database opened for all of our strategic partners

Email:[email protected]