Can't find my funds or AP

Hy everyone,

My personal life led me to not log in to tornado cash in a couple of months. When I tried to connect my wallet today I was surprised that my deposit doesn’t show and that I also don’t have any AP.

Looked in my backups for the note and manually tried inserting that, it says invalid when I’m sure it’s the right id.

Checking etherscan it mentions “ old proxy” on the entity. Is this why I can’t find my funds or AP? Something I need to do or was i victim of fraud and lost everything?

Thank you very much for any help provided,

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For clarification are you saying you already have redeemed the note or are trying to claim AP now or both?

I didn’t redeem the note. Recovering from my metamask seems to indicate also no deposits and that clearly isn’t right even if I was scammed.

I was trying to check my AP balance and considering claiming the ETH and AP next month.

My initial deposit was 187 days ago to this address: Tornado.Cash: Old Proxy | 0x905b63fff465b9ffbf41dea908ceb12478ec7601

Have you restored your note account? and your note was saved on-chain or what kind of recovery are you talking about? As I understand it, you cannot have AP since you did not make a withdrawal and did not take AP on the mining page? but now you cannot display the note because the application says that it is not valid? please text me in discord.

I’ll text you on discord. Thank you.

Anyway I’ll leave here more details in case someone else can help me understand:

Up to a couple months ago when I connected my metamask wallet I could see the AP balance I earned until then by leaving the deposit there. That’s what I meant. My deposit was way back when there was no mining page.

I tried recovery with the recovery key (from password manager) and with the wallet.