Collaboration proposal from DDDXio

Hi everyone, I’m TKK from the DDDXio team. We have a partnership proposal and would like to see a partnership between and Tornado!

DDDXio is a stablecoin exchange DEX 2.0 platform with particular advantages. It realizes a dual AMM mechanism, extremely low slippage and 0.01% transaction fee. DDDXio is also a community-led DEX platform supporting voting escrow tokenomics (veToken governance).

Maximum TVL::heavy_dollar_sign: 420,000,000
Partners on BNB Chain: Autofarm, Beefy, dForce, Moonpot, RabbitFinance etc.
Audited by: CertiK

Currently deployed on BNB Chain, plans to deploy & launch on Ethereum soon! DDDXio hopes to invite Ethereum ecological partners to participate in the launch plan and protocol governance.

DDDXio Launch Plan on Ethereum

The total initial supply is 10,000,000 DDDX(100%). Of which 3,000,000 DDDX (30%) will be minted on the launch of project ; 2,900,000 DDDX (29%) will be automatically locked into veNFT for distribution; 100,000 DDDX(1%)will be used as initial liquidity.

A total of 10% (1,000,000 DDDX) will be airdropped to ecological partners on Ethereum, including stablecoin protocols, yield-like protocols, etc. Each project will receive a 1% DDDX airdrop (In the form of veNFT).

Ecological partners who have received the veNFT can create a trading pair and vote for themselves, in the consequence the trading pair will get DDDX token emissions rewards which will be used to incentivize the liquidity providers

DDDXio will provide :

  • 1% of Initial total supply of DDDX tokens (in form of veNFT), i.e. 1/29 of the initial voting rights.
  • Once a trading pair is created, the protocol partner can vote for itself’s trading pair. The liquidity providers will receive DDDX emission rewards.
  • After voting, the protocol partner will receive the exchange fee rewards of the transaction pair they voted for.
  • Traffic resources from other partners.

DDDXio hope you to:

  • Make joint marketing activities, announce the cooperation reached in both communities, and invite users to participate in the launch plan of DDDX.
  • Build token liquidity on DDDXio and encourage token holders to trade via DDDXio.

For more cooperation possibilities, we welcome everyone to participate in the discussion.

By reaching the above cooperation, Tornado will receive new DDDX token liquidity mining rewards, generating more incentives for the community.

Thank you all, looking forward to your support and advice.

TKK from the DDDXio team

April 24, 2022

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It will increase the liquidity of Tornado.
Good idea.

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I don’t see how this proposal furthers Tornado’s protect-privacy mission. Seems to me it will just distract the team, and if ddddxxx blows up it will distract even more.


It sounds interesting, i’d know more details about it.


Worth to have try.
There is nothing to lose for part of Tornado