Custom RPC source

Privacy is important to Tornado Cash users. One way to avoid leaking private information unnecessarily is to use our own Ethereum node for RPC queries. However, I think the Tornado Cash UI (both Classic and Nova) currently use Infura for RPC and this is not configurable. I would like to suggest we add a feature to UI allowing a custom RPC source. Is there any problem with this idea, or an alternative approach?

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Well with classic since it’s on main-net the RPC provider is initialised from the wallet instance. In the case of nova, you are indeed correct.

I believe the decision on this was to not add additional hurdles to the UX expierence, although it could be simply negated by a network switch. In actuality it would be instrusive to the flow, so the RPC provider configuration seems like solution.

There is massive privacy contingencies with using infura, so I fully endorse this recommendation.

What needs to happen to get this implemented? I don’t have any TORN, and the UI is closed-source, so I’m not sure where to go.