Deploy proposal on FANTOM

FANTOM is an EVM compatible chain, the ony way to get private FTM on Fantom for now is e.g. to send BNB on BSC, then anonymize BNB via tornado, then bridge BNB to Fantom, then swap BNB to any other coins…

UPDATE: see poll at the end of the post.

It would be so much easier & handy to just have tornado cash on Fantom, thus the proposal.

Fantom is actually ranked 45 on CMC:

Fantom has cheap transaction fees and it’s fast.

I’d like to see anonymity sets of:

  • 10 FTM*
  • 100 FTM
  • 1K FTM
  • 10K FTM
  • 100K FTM
Do you agree to deploy a instance on Fantom?
  • Yes
  • No

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*10 FTM can be eventually dabated in this thread, the point of the poll is to have tornado on Fantom. The price actin of the coin, by the time it will be finally decided to deploy the instance can eventually influence the minimum deposit to make it close to 100 USD in value (e.g. BNB minimum is 0.1 BNB and xDAI is 100 xDAI which his both cases it’s <= 100 USD in value, so basically accessible to the average Joe who has only 100 bucks to play with).


Yeah, that’s a pretty gross process

Ya. Most EVM compatible chains have these traits of being fast and cheaper than ETH. I think more importantly, Fantom seems to display some genuine user and developer traction

Seems like 10 FTM is kind of a low starting denomination. As well as 1000 FTM for a max denomination. Especially while FTM is only around $1.25.

I would personally be more in favor of something like:

  • 100 FTM
  • 1,000 FTM
  • 10,000 FTM
  • 100,000 FTM

@cryptotester - maybe consider editing your post to include a poll for the community to submit a casual vote :slight_smile:

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  • 100 FTM

I don’t agree on 100 FTM because if FTM pumps and reaches e.g. 10 USD, then the minimum will be 1k, too expensive, would be the same problem with AVAX right now. Why not adding one more option so people can play around with it before doing big deposits?

I mean look at BNB, 0.1 BNB is 60 bucks. Look at xDAI, 100 DAI is 100 bucks…

I insist that there should be a minimum low deposit valued between 50 - 200 USD, especially for low gas fees blockchains like Fantom, so that even small players can have anonymity (or play around) without selling their liver…

I mean what’s the problem? If 10 FTM is too low, whales won’t use it and they will use rather the >= 100 FTM options. But if FTM pumps then it will be handy to have a minimum deposit of 10 FTM instead of making later another proposal for redeployment like for AVAX right now. Better think long term.

At all time high FTM was around 3.4 USD so I’d say 30 FTM. You will see, in a future where crypto will be valued much more than now people will come back in these forums and say I was right to put 10 FTM as entry point :wink:

No flame war, just trying to make a point here :wink:

maybe consider editing your post to include a poll for the community to submit a casual vote

Ok will try to add also a poll. I’m new here, but I see you try to promote rookies directly to high ranked officers in this forum :slight_smile:

@ethdev updated again: poll added, now please vote, gogogogogo :wink:

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I respect your commitment to providing an accessible deposit limit. I can support that

Voted :slight_smile:

Voted, Fantom is one of the biggest DeFi chain and it would be good to see Fantom support for Tornado Cash.

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Yup. It’s certainly grown since this post was originally made and seems to only make more sense to be included in the suite of tornado-deployed chains

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