Deploy Proposal on KCC (KuCoin Community Chain)

KCC is another EVM compatible chain, is so easy to migrate BSC smartContracts to it …

Supports 29 validator nodes
EVM Compatible
blocks every 3 seconds
the chain with the lower fees, nearly 0.0005 KCS per transaction

It could be great to see Tornado there …

They also help projects with marketing, …

KCC has cheap transaction fees and it’s fast.

I’d like to see anonymity sets of:

  • 10 KCS*
  • 100 KCS
  • 1K KCS

the ony way to get private KCS on KCC for now is e.g. to send BNB on BSC, then anonymize BNB via tornado, then bridge BNB to KCC, then swap BNB to any other coins…

Do You agree to deploy instance on KCC?
  • Yes
  • No

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Getting on KCC will increase the chance to get listed on KuCoin. So it is somehting worth to do.


Yes, that’s an interesting idea, i suppose that the KCC Team can move something … who knows …

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It will be a great move, more extroversion leads to more mutually beneficial partnerships!

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Tornado would be a very nice addition to the KCC mainnet