Docs Branding - 3D artwork

hi! Im a graphic designer and ive been working on making 3D artwork for Tornado cash documentations rebranding for 2 weeks now!
Ive been making assets and fun elements that i will use among the future different designs.

Id like to get ideas from the community for new assets to add in my designs so it represents the protocol the best. If you have ideas, I’m open to all suggestions :blush:

see below what ive been up to:

thank you!


This is awesome. We really need to have a “cool” Tornado branding and it is even better if it is in 3D!
We currently have 20 docs article.

If you think that you can achieve to illustrate every docs, I am sure that the community will appreciate!

You’ve understood the image that Tornado wants to have, which is an image related to the protocol (astronauts…), while adding a playful and fun aspect.

It would be interesting to have references to privacy and assets with, for example, other different characters, who are also astronauts but with extra accessories. PancakeSwap have a very nice documentation if that helps (2D).

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It’s great that you raised this issue, some members of the community have already appreciated your initiative. I think that other members will also support it.

Now the development team is working on branding and presentation video about the project. As a result of this work we will receive 3D and 2D images of various important elements of

For your work to be useful, it is very important to align your style with an overall style of the presentation video.

I offer to wait until the work on the video is finished. After that, we will send you a visual style if you want.

Using style you will be able to make a number of elements for documentation or other sections of the project. What do you think? Please write your telegramm, we will discuss it.


hi! Thank you for your answer and advices @bt11ba and @Sergmozg !
i understand the need to match the future existing assets!
Any idea of when this videos would be finished @Sergmozg ?
i sent you a PM :slight_smile: