"Error There is no related deposit. The note is invalid." Is my transaction gone for good?

Deposited 1 ETH a couple months ago, and had been listed as ‘pending’ the whole time. Thought nothing of it until I saw that the gas fee was literally 0. Cancelled today with the same nonce, and was not accredited the ETH back. Is it lost forever? I’m not sure what to do at this point. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Alex,

Would you mind checking these 2 things please:

  1. Notes start with the symbol of pool native asset and follow the prefix with the denomination, for example, “eth-tornado-1” is for the 1 ETH anonymity set. Notes should not be confused with recovery keys, which are hexadecimal.

  2. There is a possibility your note was breached due to poor security practices, you can validate whether this is true by inputting it to the compliance tool. Which will reveal information about the withdrawal, if the note is indeed compromised.


Let us know how it went,