Error There is no related deposit. The note is invalid

So, I made 2 1 eth deposits and i waited 3 days to withdraw. But when i tried pasting the downloaded code i got the error:

“Error There is no related deposit. The note is invalid.”

Here are my etherscan Transactions:

Transaction 1

Transaction 2

did i just wait too little to withdrawl? i’ve used tc in the past and have never had issues like this.

Having the same issue as well.

I had very carefully backed up notes, double checked. When I go to recover the notes I get the following message after pasting them in:

“There is no related deposit. The note is invalid.”

I don’t want to reveal my tx’s on the forum.

How is this possible?

I don’t believe it was fishing as all URL’s were tripple checked.

Hey mskrum, sorry for the delay in reaching out about your problem.

The two transactions you have provided are not withdrawals from the tornado proxy contract, but instead transactions between two EOA’s (user-controlled addresses). I don’t know if you used a malicious instance of the application or just linked the wrong transaction hashes.

Friendly reminder to you and @thevibrantanimal to never share your notes with anyone, and that they begin with the characters eth-tornado. Also, ensure that you are not inputting notes to a different version of tornado to its origin. As just recently, tornado cash nova was launched.