[Funding] @ayefda

Funding (Ayefda)

Thanks @rezan for putting up a snapshot for this! :slight_smile:

As you know, WUTornado produces written content for the community.

Since the beginning of WUTornado, @ayefda has been writing articles besides me.

Today, she has two functions within the community: she works with WUTornado and also with the Tornado Cash team by writing articles for their Medium, tweets and recently a job description for the recruitment of a developer. It takes up a lot of her time, which is starting to negatively impact her IRL activity.

She is one of the people in the community who invests the most time in Tornado. She works about around 3 days a week creating content for Tornado. As such, I propose that she get compensated for the work she has done and the work she will be doing in the future, as she will continue to work with Tornado in the long term.

After reflecting with @rezan, we suggest that she get paid 200 TORN for the work she has done since the beginning (2 months of work), as well as a monthly salary of 100 TORN per month from now, so that she get rewarded for the quality work she does.

Most important contributions

  • [LINK] Informative and educational article about past proposals,

  • [LINK] Proposal #7 article to present the rationale behind the Community Fund and encourage people to vote for the proposal,

  • [LINK] Future Tornado updates article,

  • [LINK] Tornado BSC integration article, published on the Tornado Cash official Medium.

  • [LINK] Article about the TORN listing on binance

  • Writing tweet for the official Tornado Cash Twitter account

  • Translation of Tornado app (https://app.tornado.cash ) in french to give more visibility among French crypto users (implemented since June 11th 2021),

  • [LINK] Article about the multisig’s signers salary

  • [LINK] Article about the @poma’s podcast on Epicenter,

  • [LINK] “Rumors” article - future features of the tornado tool,

  • [LINK] (Tornado Cash team) Article about BSC deployment

  • [LINK] (Tornado Cash team) Article about Polygon deployment

  • (Tornado Cash team) a job description

Work in progress

  • 3 articles (for WUTornado & for Tornado Cash team)
  • A documentation website with tutorials and stuff about Tornado Cash.

Without Ayefda I wouldn’t be able to do all this, there is a massive amount of work behind it.
I feel that she deserves to be paid for the work she produces, which benefits the entire Tornado community. :slight_smile:


Proposal live on Snapshot, 3 days voting, quorum at 5k TORN in total.