Funding - bt11ba

Hello to all,

As you know, I’m very involved in Tornado Cash because of my multiple activities in the community, including my role as a multisig, my role in WUTornado with @ayefda and my day to day support to the team. I invite you to check out this post to see what I’ve been able to do since I was elected as a multi-sig.
However, as you can see, I don’t only do my classic multisig activity. All this takes up most of my available time, time that I can’t use for my main IRL activities.

I am therefore applying for a 300 TORN per month, so that I can continue to contribute to the Tornado Cash community and be paid the fair value of my work.

I thank @rezan for creating a Snapshot so that the community can decide if they want me to continue to contribute to Tornado Cash.
Thank you for your trust and support.

I wish you all happy holidays and a good end of the year.

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Vote live.

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