[Funding] DuneAnalytics by @fennec

In Juli and August I worked with the Tornado Cash team to create a series of Dune Analytics queries and visualizations for the Tornado Cash Ecosystem.

This includes queries, counters, and visualizations such as for example the actual TORN circulating supply, visualizations showing the profitability of relayers, the share of TORN from the airdrop that has been claimed, the amount of TORN locked in governance, and the well-known Average Daily AP/TORN Rate query on the official Dune Dashboard (I made this one earlier with an old dune account).

This work ate up a lot of time which I was happy to provide, as I believe in the project (and often use it). At the same time, I believe that quality work should be compensated accordingly. Therefore, I hereby apply for a one time payment of 100 TORN for the past work.

All findings of this work are public and valuable for all users. If there is interest, I also look forward to engaging with the users here and on discord and working on custom queries and visualizations to the community. This has worked well in the past when I created the AP / TORN rate query where I received critical feedback and input on discord. Poma has integrated the results in the official Tornado Cash Dashboard.

— Selected contributions —

[LINK] TORN Circulating Supply – opposed to the number on the Coingecko page this visualization takes into account that the Governance contract consists of user funds locked into Governance (part of the circulating supply) AND the Governance Treasury (not part of the circulating supply). Proposal 8 would have remedied this problem but as you know didn’t reach the quorum.

[LINK] TornadoCash Fees – a visualization that shows the share of the fees paid to the relayers that went directly to the miners as gas fees, and the share that is the relayers’ profit.

[LINK] TORN claimed from airdrop – shows the share of he airdropped tokens that has been claimed. The rest will go to the governance treasury after one year.

[LINK] TORN locked in Governance – shows the amount of TORN locked in the governance contract for the top 25 addresses

[LINK] TORN locked in Governance (daily) – shows the amount of TORN locked in the governance contract per day. You can clearly see the spikes in locked TORN occurring around the proposals, for example for proposal 7 which ended on June 4 this year.

[LINK] Monthly Relayer Withdrawals – a visualization which shows the number of relayer withdrawals per month for the different ETH deposit sizes.

[LINK] Average Daily AP/TORN Rate – shows the average rate that you get when you exchange your claimed anonymity points for TORN. The overlying red line shows the amount of TORN that remains available in the AP Mining Contract.

For a quick overview of the work just take a look at this dune dashboard: [LINK]

dune analytics: dune.xyz/fennec
Discord: @fennec#4868


Thank you @fennec for your valuable work. I am obviously in favour of your renumeration.

@Rezan, could you please make a Snapshot for the community to vote on this matter ?


Thank you @fennec, I will submit the proposal on Snapshot Tuesday.


Snapshot vote live at:

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Thanks for your work @fennec. Just voted to approve your request for renumeration

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