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Hi everyone,

In the past months I worked to create series of Dune Analytics dashboards, queries and visualisations for the Tornado Cash Ecosystem.

This includes the Cross-chain dashboard, the Governance and Staking dashboard, and various tables analysing the existing relayers on Ethereum and other chains. See the list below for more details.

I had a talk with @bt11ba about this as he managed this past dune creation. He asked me to continue to create and maintain the Tornado Cash Dune projects page [LINK] and the existing dashboards and queries, as well as adding further value to the Tornado Cash analytics systems.

In the light of this I ask for a compensation of 100 TORN for the past work and a future monthly salary of 50 TORN.

If I am allowed to be compensated, I pledge to create and maintain a Tornado Cash Twitter Bot, to further improve, update, and maintain the TC Dune projects page and the TC dashboards, as well as being available for analytics demands coming up in this forum and on discord. See the planned contributions items below for more details.


  • [LINK] the Tornado Cash Cross-chain Dashboard:

This dashboard gives an insight into the activities and stats of Tornado Cash on the other chains available on dune.xyz. The available chains are BSC, Polygon, Gnosis, and Optimism. The stats include the total value deposited in USD and native currency, the monthly deposits by pool, the total number of deposits and withdrawals, the number of unique users, the weekly pool totals, the cumulative volume, and the weekly unique users.

Note that arbitrum is not yet available on dune, if it becomes available I will add it of course. Same for avalanche.

  • [LINK] the Tornado Cash Governance and Staking Dashboard:

This dashboard gives an overview over the activities of the TC governance community. The available stats include the number of governance voters, the amount of TORN locked in the governance contract, and the average staking APR for the last 7 days. The visualisations also include the staking rewards, the number of newly locked TORN, new voters, and new relayer registries by month, week, and day. Finally, there are also visualisations of the historical APR, as well as the cumulative amount of TORN locked and number of voters over time.

  • [LINK] the Tornado Cash Relayer List:

This table gives info about the existing relayers on Ethereum. The available columns include the address, ENS name, number of relays total and by pool, paid fees and amount of TORN staked, as well as the date they were last active. Similar tables are available for the existing side chains.

Planned contributions:

  • Create and maintain a Tornado Cash Twitter bot tweeting daily TC stats as well as feature reminders / explainers

  • Create and maintain the Dune tornado projects page as well as maintaining, updating and adding stats and visualisations to the existing dashboards

  • Create gas price comparisons between the available layer 1 and layer 2 chains. Generate stats that compare prices of typical transactions (deposit, withdraw with relayer, etc). Some of these stats will have to be updated manually.

  • Ramp up the TC Nova dashboard with improved UI and additional stats

  • Include Arbitrum and Avalanche on the cross-chain dashboards when they become available on dune

  • Depending on input from the community, add requested additions to the dashboards / create custom queries

dune analytics: (@fennec)
Discord: @fennec#4868


I am strongly in favour of this proposal.

As I asked you previously, we need a Twitter Bot for TC + maintaining and updating every TC Dune analytics dashboards. Let’s do this asap.

I will create a snapshot in 1 week.

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