[Funding] @h-ivor

Funding (h-ivor)

Thanks Rezan for creating a snapshot for this proposal :slight_smile:

As you know, Tornado does not have any official community developer at the moment.

h-ivor works about around 28 to 30h a week programming for Tornado. As such, I propose that he start getting compensated for the work he has done and the work he will be doing in the future, as he will continue to work with Tornado in the long term.

After discussing with him, I suggest that he get paid a monthly salary of 100 TORN per month from now, so that he get rewarded for the quality work he does.

Contributions & Work in progress

  • [LINK] Governance v2
    Proposal to upgrade the proxy logic from the Governance contract to the new GovernanceV2 contract, which will be able to communicate with a vault and store user TORN inside it.

  • [LINK] Tornado instances for ERC20 token :
    This repository serves as a general template for deploying tornado instances for an ERC20 token, deploying the proposals tied to each instance, and proposing the changes to actual governance.

  • [LINK] Tornado lottery for governance :
    Repository for a proposal to extend the voting period of the governance proposal process and to deploy a lottery contract which will reward users which vote on the proposal(?s)…

The community does not yet have an official developer. h-ivor will help for the development of community proposals.:slight_smile:


Hi again, I’d just like to drop a comment here myself.

I am grateful to the tornado community for taking me in hospitably and have to say it is refreshing to work with everyone involved in core/community development since they can define a problem they need solved well and are ready to help along the way.


Let’s talk about the work I’m currently doing and what we generally have going on.

So the governance upgrade that I was implementing which did not reach quorum vote was supposed to handle user TORN in a more sophisticated manner. We saw after the vote that user activity was low and now the next focus is working on voting incentivization and making the voting period longer.

How voting incentivization (we’ve called it lottery at this point) will work, will be specified, but we’ll make a sensible system that rewards interaction with the tornado governance contract, and is Sybil resistant. Again, I’ve just started with this after finishing up tornado instances.

Tornado instances, by the way, is basically a helper repo for any devs who would like to add to the Tornado proxy an ERC20 tornado instance. If you have questions about this please contact me at any time.

Community management

I am also interested in helping direct the tornado community a little, I’ve been previously involved with DAO’s like 1Hive (shoutout) and have a decent experience with such well-managed communities. One thing I think we could do is focus more on Discord, because it is by itself an insanely strong community management tool.

Nevertheless, the more we build and work the better.


Generally I imagine tornado as a nice DAO that can help improve transaction privacy on Ethereum and other networks while incentivizing the realization of new ideas focused around the technology.

EDIT: btw just saw TORN mooned aggressively, is this a sign of things to come? :sweat_smile:


I don’t know how the proposed comp compares to the current market rates in the space, but I know that a project as critical as Tornado desperately needs more active development.

If for some reason we couldn’t/can’t excite a sufficient open source developer community that does this for free, then yeah, this is a much better use of funds than random payouts to the ‘wen airdrop?’ crowd.