[Funding] Translation

[Funding] Translation

Hello everyone.
With Ayefda, we just finished the v2 of docs.tornado.cash. I hope you like it!
Gitbook is in full maintenance, so there are some problems for some people who want to access the documentations since yesterday when they want to have a version or another but this should be fixed by the Gitbook team in the next few days.

Community participation

Concerning the documentation, the articles have been translated into Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish and Turkish.

Note that the translations have been done as follows:

After discussion with the multisigs, here is what will be proposed during the snapshot, depending on what the user did:

  • 18 TORN reward for the complete translation of docs.tornado.cash in a requested language
  • 7 TORN reward for the translation of the tornado.cash website
  • 25 TORN reward for both

So for the moment, here are the rewards:

  • XaviEEX86 : 25 TORN
  • armog : 25 TORN
  • tunaidou : 18 TORN
  • erikA : 18 TORN
  • Mr_Ghost : 18 TORN
  • byancie : 7 TORN

The snapshot will be put up tomorrow by @rezan


Hi everyone, so glad to contribute with this critical project for the Ethereum ecosystem.
I’ve been learning some things I did not know before through the process of translating to Spanish, like the fact that Tornado uses zkSNARKS. Now I hope many more spanish speakers will have the chance to learn, use and get involved with Tornado.Cash.
Cheers to the comunity, good job.

很高兴帮龙卷风翻译了这些文档,花了不少时间 :joy: 希望大家继续支持龙卷风发展!中文社区的电报群:Telegram: Contact @tornadocashcn

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Hi there,
I’d like to get involved annd translate the whole documentation in Italian. I have past experiences translating for other projects and could start working immediately.

Looking forward to getting busy!

It was my pleasure to contribute to such a wonderful work as Tornado.Cash. Translation activity is required for communication in the local language. This effort will bring us new people and contribute to our community.

Snapshot vote live at:

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