Grim Finance hack $30+m - victims plea

A large hack of over $30m occurred on Grim Finance yesterday. Hundreds of victims who lost substantial sums ask for your assistance.


Funds were bridged to Ethereum and other networks and the only viable way for the hacker to cash out is to use Tornado. If we can stop the funds going to Tornado, we stand a chance of negotiating.

The majority of stolen funds currently sit here:

Please have the heart to assist us at no cost to Tornado, by blocking the stolen funds from using your platform.

The reality of how is intentionally designed is that it’s uncensorable. What you’re requesting is that the platform censor an address/transaction. This is literally impossible to do, unless one could compromise the entirety of the Ethereum network.

In theory, governance could vote to, say, block deposits from a specific address through the proxy contract by upgrading that contract to support such censorship. However, it is trivial to bypass the proxy contract, depositing directly into the deposit contracts. The proxy exists as a convenience, and for overlaying functionality on top of the deposit contracts, but that’s the extent of it.

The deposit contracts were set to “ownerless”, so as to ensure that it’s not possible even for a governance vote to modify them. This prevents anyone from ever truly being able to censor or drain the deposit contracts.

tl;dr: We can’t. Nobody can. The most you could hope for is the attackers making a mistake that identifies them by other means.