Help! I found the deposit contract called when withdrawing eth

i tried to withdraw 1 eth just now and confirmed the tx in my metamask, when the transaction was successful, I found that the account was not received, so I checked etherscan, which showed that this eth was sent to another contract of tornado, and it was shown that I called the deposit contract instead of the withdrawal contract, as shown in the figure:

help pls, i remember that i did clicked the withdrawal button and set it to send directly to the wallet instead of using a relayer. Is there something wrong with my operation or is there a bug in the protocol?

That transaction is a deposit from February (check the date).

Tornado withdrawals show up as internal transactions on etherscan.

Thanks! I did see this txn in internal txns, but the eth was transferred to an address marked as tornado: 0x47CE0C6eD5B0Ce3d3A51fdb1C52DC66a7c3c2936. Do you know what’s going on?


Forgive me for my carelessness, I seem to have received the transfer, and the transfer record is also in the internal txns of the receiving wallet. I didn’t check the internal txns just now. thank you very much!