Help,my money was stolen

Help, the money in my metamask account has just been stolen. The thief transfers the money here, can the administrator help me? This money is all my assets and it is very important to me. I am very sad now that I have no money to live. If you need any evidence and information, I can provide it. I kindly ask the administrator to help me!

Unfortunately there is nothing administrators of the community can do, because they no longer govern the contracts.

Once coins/tokens were sent to them, nobody can revert the transaction. That is how distributed ledgers work.

So if your money is gone, it’s gone.

Unless you can find someone who possesses the private key of the address to which coins/tokens were sent and make him/her to send them back, you cannot take them back.

I think it is too late to say this but if the money was so important to you, why did you not just leave it to the bank?

this is screenshots the cashed out via Tornado cash.

You do not seem to understand what I wrote. Those are gone and you cannot take them back. It is technically impossible.