How can I find someone from the Tornado marketing team?

I’m the marketing & BD manager of, an instant crypto-to-crypto exchange platform. We’ve listed TORN on our site & now I’m looking for someone from Tornado Cash to talk about cross-promo on social media.
You can find us on Twitter @StealthEX_io too.
Can someone help me find contacts of the marketing office?

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Hi @Nina_Amilakvari. TBH there really isn’t much of a marketing team. The devs just manage the twitter and medium accounts. Unless you have something specific in mind, you might do better to just post a promo tweet on twitter and tag the tornado cash handle and hope for a retweet or something

Best of luck


Thanks for the answer. We did the promo tweet

Too bad that the team don’t work on marketing & promo much, it’s important for the community development.

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