How do I send money to someone else's nova account?

I understand that I can be registered as a nova account so that others can send money to my shield address, but how will my address actually be known?

For example, if the recipient’s address is registered with nova, do I designate the ethereum(only Ethereum in this case) address as the recipient? Or do you know the nova account in some way and designate it as the recipient?

Also, registering for a nova account adds an Ethereum address to the tree as a commitment?

Hi @adust09,

The Nova address has to be known by the sender and designate it as the recipient.

Step 1. Fund your shielded balance

Step 2. Either transfer or Withdraw

Transfer applies to an address that is also registered to Tornado Cash Nova.

Withdraw is when you would like to transfer to an external wallet.

Minimum per transaction is 0.05 ETH and max is 1 ETH.

Let me get back to you about your last concern.

All the best,

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Thank you. Is it simply to improve the UX that it is now possible to set any amount instead of a fixed amount?

As it is still recommended to use a fixed amount, it seems like setting an arbitrary amount is only an option.