How does using .link domain help with centralized DNS?

All links on landing now lead to instead of to avoid using centralized DNS infrastructure.

Just curious. I understand how using an .eth domain avoids centralized DNS, Is there something special about .link domains? or maybe it’s the .cash domains that have more centralization risks?

I’m just asking as someone looking at domain solutions for myself.

Thanks for any insight.


I think the answer is probably that the .link extension doesn’t help, per se, but generally points users awareness to the ENS domain and is just a useful ‘crutch’ until such time as browsers have better web3 support.

Hey ParallelEyes, a truly decentralised DNS would be quite something and you have discovered that is not the case here. ENS themselves even call the DNSRegistrar a “resolver”, it is merely a portal to relay valid information when queried. Now it does inherit the ability of immutability of the nested information at the discretion of the registrar, but given that the domain itself is described as “DNS-over-HTTPS server. It uses HTTPS protocol to perform DNS resolution” it is clearly centrally operated. As a single actor owns and operates the domain, and all other registrations underneath that are subdomains (eg

Although it is worthy to mention Tornado is hosted on IPFS, so that itself is reassuring regarding potential censorship attacks. If you’ve any further questions on the topic or have a recommendation on how to potentially decentralise the legacy name registrar - do share!

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Furthermore, I spoke with the ENS team on this topic and it seems is no longer operated as an independent resolver but was substituted for Cloudflare’s serviced resolver. They did mention a community spin-off though called

It’s all quite fascinating and more prevalent to me about the potential censorship issues tornado could face regarding the web infrastructure and access to the application. Although, anyone can always download the UI locally to avoid this (in extreme cases) or just use the IPFS link.


yes… well centralization is alive and stronger than ever in web3 land :stuck_out_tongue:

The domain situation shows promise, especially with browsers like Brave and Opera that are leading the pack in support.

Unstoppable Domains is another option, comparable to ENS. They also are resolved via cloudflare.

I’ll admit I’m just realizing that “” is a service in itself. Originally I was looking to see if there was something special about the .link… but it’s in question here.

I know each TLD is operated differently, I was imagining you simply purchased a .link domain for tornadocash.eth, and perhaps there was something special about .link that made it ideal for this scenario.

bit of a forhead slap here… but I’m nowhere close to the weeds on blockchain-based domains, just yet :smiley: