How to anonymize UBI token drip?

Hello, I need some help to connect the dots here.
I have a Ledger Nano X noncustodial hardware wallet and I have created an ETH wallet there.
I want to become a citizen of the Democracy Earth Proof of Humanity project, and I want to use Tornado Nova to anonymize my address to generate a public ETH address that is hard to trace back to my noncustodial address.

I am registered as a Nova user but I’m not at all confident on the next steps to achieve the same. Please assist. Thanks. I have not registered my profile with because I’m not sure what ETH address to specify.

The Proof of Humanity profile submission page recommends using a new address seeded through but does not provide any additional instructions for the same.

The Nova address I was given is as follows : is this an ETH address? I wasn’t able to find it on EtherScan. Please forgive the newbie question - I just need a little more information to make sure I can execute proper transfers.


Hi @godseye1970,

Thanks for getting in touch.

You won’t be able to use your Tornado Cash Nova address in that manner.

There’s only 2 ways to get funds into your Tornado Cash Nova shielded balance:

  1. “Funding” it yourself through the UI
  2. “transfers” by another address registered to Tornado Cash Nova through the UI.

What you can possibly do is create a dedicated wallet which is registered to Tornado Cash Nova and manually send any funds you receive there to your shielded balance.


Thanks for the reply, @Heimdall. I’ll consider this and also reach out to the Proof of Humanity team to clarify their tornado cash comment.

You’re welcome, @godseye1970!!

If you require further assistance don’t hesitate to reach out.