How to start with TC dev?

Hi guys,
I hope this is an appropriate category in the forum for such questions.
If an experienced SW developer with no solidity/blockchain/smart contracts programming experience (but for example c++/c#…) would want to start in solidity smart contracts stuff, what is the best starting point to setup environment &tooling for the first project, do some tests on it …
How to, for example, install TC in a local environment then play with it a bit and see if one can add some value to the project, debug, check existing bug track issue …

Any ideas, starting points, links … are highly appreciated.

Thank you,

FYI, the web GUI is not open source (only minimized/obfuscated)

Hi, which tool is the best to work with this projects? Is VS code (and docker) available? Eclipse? What do u use? Is there any manual for setup?
Thank you a lot!