Idea about anonymous swapping in tornado

I wonder if we can do token swapping since we have eth deposited to this protocol , and we have to wait for a long time for totally anonymous, but sometimes I want to swap some token immediately and dont want to wait .
means I want to swap a token like torn but doing it anonymously.
first I deposit to tornado then I use my proof to swap in uniswap or other swap protocol ,or maybe tornado own having a pool like uniswap.
then I have a new proof of token I swapped ,
use it when I withdraw to other address, fees pay by eth and send the remain eth to address .
I dont know if it is possible in coding ?
or we have other way to make this work?
I think it will be a big thing , with this we can anonymous whole eth ecosystem.

and it is even more anonymous than just withdraw eth , case the token value is changing all the time compare to eth .
make it further , if we do token swap back , like first we swap eth to torn then after swap back to eth , and in a total anonymous way ,then withdraw the eth , the amount will be totally different from the deposit ,then it is very hard to trace.
I see some example of matching the amount of eth then they found the user at the end , of course it is because he didnt put eth for a long time .
but with this, everything will change.
but I dont know about the code ,so it might not work for tornado ?

It is something being worked on: shielded atomic swap.

Read the end of this article : Tornado Cash Introduces Arbitrary Amounts & Shielded Transfers | by Tornado Cash | Medium

thanks, Im glad this is being noticed .
but I see it is a post from last year , do we have any progress about swapping function?