[Idea] Tornado.Cash UI on StackOS

Hello everyone :blush:

After talking with the StackOS team, here is an idea that might be interesting to implement in order to move forward with the decentralization and diversification of Tornado.Cash.

The Tornado web UI could be hosted with a decentralized service such as StackOS, which would add another access point for users, in addition to tornado.cash and tornadocash.eth.link

What is StackOS?

StackOS is a cross-chain open protocol that allows individuals and organizations to share their computing resources and collectively offer a decentralized cloud; where developers around the world can deploy any full-stack application, decentralized app, blockchain private nets, and main net nodes anonymously, very securely, at a much lower cost and literally within minutes. They aim to provide an "unstoppable infrastructure protocol”, which will allow any person across the world to deploy their application without incurring heavy DevOps costs and freely run any application they wish to run. StackOS furthermore intends to help brick and mortar businesses around the globe, to go online cost-effectively and securely with minimal technical overhead.

What could be interesting for Tornado ?

StackOS can run a three node cluster of Tornado Web UI servers to ensure robustness and performance.
This cluster would be fully monitored, and would automatically recover from hardware failures. To implement this, the multisig would fund the server costs, at a cost of 100$ per month for a 1 year period ($TORN to be converted to stable coins to avoid volatility), if the community is OK with it.

Snapshot vote

Thanks @rezan to set up a simple [YES / NO] snapshot next week and insert the snapshot link below my post for the community to decide whether or not they want to implement this system and compensate for server costs :slight_smile:

Feel free to share your opinion!


Hi Tornado.cash community! It’s nice to meet you all. I’m “podstacker” visiting from the StackOS “world”.

I know there’s a wide audience here with a variety of backgrounds and skills. If you are curious about anything, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.


Web UI is great now.

Please do more important things instead of constantly working on what you are already doing well.


Decentralization all the way! You cant rely on just one UI, run by one entity.

We’re glad to see your excitement.

Working in partnership with Tornado.cash, we add redundancy and decentralization while consuming no time resources from the Tornado.cash team.

In times of need, even if there may be issues with the other sites, there will always be a decentralized cluster available.

Even in soft error modes, where only certain people can reach certain web UIs, StackOS adds one more avenue, one more chance to get connected. You may not be affected today, but tomorrow, you may suddenly be in a geography which blocks access to one UI on purpose, or sometimes even by accident (yes routing errors happen all the time)

Having this extra option ensures that a problem remains a “non-urgent problem”, allowing the team to concentrate on development work. In fact, StackOS will be responsible for repairing their own cluster/operations.

As developers ourselves, we know how disruptive it is to need to tend to emergencies and break our workflow. Offloading this, and turning emergencies into temporary-soft-errors is a benefit to all.

All sys-admins know the value of having spare disks for redundant disk arrays. When a disk fails, it’s not a big deal because a spare is at the ready. This ensures that replacements can be scheduled at a convenient time and does not require emergency logistics costs.

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What do you mean exactly by working on what we are already doing well ?

Why is this needed? Why not just run the Web UI on localhost if the official ones are down? That’s what I’m doing anyway.

What would be more interesting: an open source web UI.

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