Improving the Tornado Cash Dashboard

Hi community,

I’d like to “apply” for the community funding in order to run and further improve my mobile Tornado Cash Dashboard.

The next steps include:

  • Visualizing ERC-20 token pools/contracts
  • Build a desktop-version dashboard
  • Add more sophisticated charts, f.e. comparisons between pools or large-scale network graphs
  • Switch from Google Datastudio to custom JS-dashboards

The reasons for nominating my dashboard for the community fund is simply because it meets the requirements and it would definately motivate me to continue improving it.

The dashboad is made out of raw transaction records that I store in SQL databases on Google Big Query, so I don’t have a convinient API from which to retrieve the final chart-data. Besides time, this comes with costs for server instances and storage, but these are literally negligible. For me, it would more be more of a small incentive and should not be associated to my expenses in any way, as I’m not doing it for the money. I just wanted to give something back, even before I heard about the community fund.
I believe that visualizations can help newcomers to comprehend the ecosystem more quickly and provide revealing insights for advanced users.

I’m still a newbie to this community, however, I really like the project and by reading through the posts I quickly felt the enthusiasm that I share with many members here. Let me know what you think!

Best greets,


PS. I’ve already introduced my dashboard in this forum here.


Thanks for your contribution @Nero !
Could be interesting to have the AP/TORN ratio, merkle tree last update #, other tokens tracking for deposit, total value locked including all tokens,… @Rezan @ethdev what could be interesting to have ?
A telegram bot could be really great to have too, as we had before, but this is not working since some days, I dont know why, it seems the creator removed it. We had the possibility to ask for ap/torn ratio, merkle tree update, infos concerning mining,… (Each time someone swapped token, we had a message from this bot as a newsletter, could be huge to have this, if you can do it!)

Concerning your incentive, there is a multisig election right now, when it’s done, multisigs holders will be able to create a snapshot concerning your contribution ! :slightly_smiling_face:


The #1 most clicked link on the entire forum by a mile is @Archie’s AP mining spreadsheet. I would take this as a strong signal that this is what people really want to see in a dashboard. Otherwise, almost everything else is already readily available on Dune Analytics.


This is something that I personally would like to see. I would love to see a proposal drafted up and voted on. I think this is definitely something we can work on.


Is it possible to have a version into Chinese?

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Thanks for all the feedback!

I just started improving the dashboard and will move from using Google’s DataStudio to chart.js.

@ghozara, I will definatelly look into this and how it could be flexibly implemented, however I do not speak chinese.
Would you then be able to provide me some translations?


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Hi @ethdev,

First, thanks for your interest and support!

I’m not yet 100% sure how the community fund works. What I’ve learned by reading WUTornados article on Proposal #7 and the respective discussions, those with a multisig key are eligible to vote for my dashboard, after I created a post flagged with “Funding”. Is this right?
(So no need to create voting contracts for that?)

By now, I’ve already gathered all the data needed to display KPIs like total value locked including all tokens, AP/Torn ration and much more time-frame charts.


Hey @Nero,

Could you convert the AP rate to the actual useful rate ? Actually its between 900k - 1M AP/TORN.

It could be awesome to have every token deposits + a total of every deposits in dollars. As you know we have other token such as WBTC, DAI,…

Concerning the community fund, you just have to apply by creating a post as you have described.

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Hey Nero,

those with a multisig key are eligible to vote for my dashboard, after I created a post flagged with “Funding”. Is this right?
(So no need to create voting contracts for that?)

As @bt11ba already mentioned:

  1. Yes, create a post flagged “funding” when you’re ready
  2. Correct, no need to create a voting contract

One key difference, however - it’s not the multi-sig key holders that vote on a grant, it’s the community. We use snapshot for gasless voting with a current quorum of 5k TORN. Then the multi-sig signers commit to signing the will of the community no matter how they vote. If a grant proposal passes on snapshot, then we sign over the funds.

What we’d need from you for that (1) “funding” flagged post would be:

  • A description of the scope of work
    • what you’re building, why you’re building it, why it’s useful, etc
  • A roadmap of some sort
    • where the project is currently at, describing how much time you’re dedicating to it, when you expect it will be done, what future developments might take place after you ship
  • How much funding you’re requesting
    • denominated in TORN
  • What the funding will be used for
    • note: it could just be that you’re working on this part time and having a little funding will help incentivize you to speed up your own timeline/roadmap. But it could also be more complicated than that, such as you want to hire a designer to spruce up the dashboard

Once we have that information, then we can create the snapshot proposal with a link to your post for the community to vote.

If you are interested, feel free to put together a draft and send it my way. I would be happy to review it and provide feedback.

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hi @bt11ba and @ethdev,

thanks for the quick responses, that’s really cool!
I will work on a draft version for my funding post over the next few days/weeks (I’m currently moving into another city which consumes much of my freetime atm) and will send you a draft version before posting it!

Regarding the (useful) AP/TORN conversion rate I had a look at the google sheets document that already existed in this forum and the calculation is now the following:

ptorn / torn * 10**18 = 6 digit number (x)

Then one can calculate AP points / x = torn

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