List of recommended delegates

Something that I have noticed is that, while has the option to delegate one’s TORN, there are no suggestions that I can find as to who would be a worthy person to delegate to.

Many major projects which use token voting governance offer a shortlist of individuals who are well-regarded in the community, who you might choose to delegate to.

Amidst the current discussion around the project’s difficulty achieving quorum on some proposals, I believe that wider-spread token delegation could offer an effective remedy to ensuring that small holders’ tokens are represented in proposal votes, while not requiring every small holder to contribute gas individually.

In that vein, I’d like to suggest that anyone who would consider themselves a suitable delegate should reply in this thread giving a short bio, as well as the address which TORN holders should delegate to.


I’m a big fan of this initiative. After we have a good list, I’ll compile a spreadsheet!


Great initiative @FrozenFire. I’ll toss my hat in the ring.


For anyone who wants to delegate their TORN to me, please add me at either:

  • delegate.torn.eth or
  • 0x0D5bbdBa8Fd6523102A0bb5a0E68b30441a3765F


Here’s a bio of my early contributions that I shared when I was volunteering to be a Tornado Cash Community Fund multisig signer:


  • I am now one of the 4-of-5 Tornado Cash Community Fund multisig signers
  • I’ve continued to propose and advocate for new ecosystem innovations, such as a dust mixer, an NFT mixer, and a desktop Tornado client
  • I run the torn.eth Tornado Cash relayer on mainnet, goerli, BSC, polygon
  • I am currently the #1 most engaged forum community member. With the number of like I’ve received, I believe this is a reasonable measure of my representation of the community’s values, reflective of how I’ll vote

DMs Open

If anyone would like to message me for any reason, including about how I would vote on specific proposals, my DMs are always open.