Missing Deposit in FTX

Deposited 100 AVAX from Tornado to my FTX account and hasn’t shown up. It’s been about 10 days since I made the deposit and I reached out to FTX 8 days ago and they replied to me asking for the source of funds to which I replied Tornado cash in order to protect my identity and they haven’t replied since. Anyone else had a similar issue?

Still waiting for a reply to my support ticket.

BTW this is an FTX U.S. account.

Hi @Borz,

The funds are already there.

You can use the compliance tool when being asked for proof of funds:

Moving forward, if you are going to deposit to an exchange after withdrawing from Tornado Cash, it would be advisable to ask them on their policies on deposits from privacy solutions.


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Hey Heimdall,

I really appreciate your reply!

Yeah I have no suspicion that the funds already arrived at FTX, I was just generally inquiring what the turn around time will be for their support team to credit them to me or if they’ll even credit them at all considering that it’s a deposit from a privacy smart-contract.

Either way, 100 AVAX is a good chunk of change and I was really looking forward to cashing out while the price is right.

Wondering if anyone had any similar issues with CEX’s.

Still waiting for a reply from them.

Thanks again for the reply and go Tornado Cash!!