Mod admin proposal

Hello Team,Tornadocash🙌
Whom Can I contacted for the telegram group mod admin proposal?
I can works upto 12 hour’s per day…my skills will help members to learn and know more about the Project, and always make sure that they stay updated on latest information plus Block FUD/Spam.
I will be waiting for your response thanks for your attention.

Thanks for the post @crypto_holic98

The Tornado Cash Community Fund is exploring the possibility of hiring a community manager at this time. The position would be responsible for more than just telegram moderation, however. It would include marketing responsibilities, as well.

Do you have a CV you can share?

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Hello @crypto_holic98,
Glad to see that you are interested to work with!
In a DAO environnent, its easier to “see then pay”.

That’s why, in my opinion, it could be better for us to first see your work and then agree together if you fit for this role, such as what happened with @ayefda and @CommunityDev1337. They proved to the community what they were able to do by creating useful content for the community / coding some useful stuffs. Then we agreed together with the multisig to suggests a renumeration that has been approved by the community.

“Learn more about the project” … “stay updated on latest information” -> you can do it right now without asking us!

In my opinion, you should start by that :blush:


How can I sending you my cv… Can u send me your email address thank you!