More TORN for AP rewards

Hello Community.

I propose extend the program of mining AP. I mean add new TORN to Rewards pool, because program must be end at 18 December 2021. What do you think about it?
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I’m against extending the AP mining program. I think it was a worthwhile experiment, but I think it had two major problems:

  1. It didn’t significantly increase the anonymity set for people using as intended. New people did start using, but most were only interested in earning TORN and not in privacy.

  2. It is error-prone and complicated and expensive, and potentially compromises your privacy.

So, although AP mining was good for me personally (I was using Tornado anyway, so the TORN I earned was a nice added benefit) I think the devs should take the lessons learned with AP mining 1.0 and maybe get inspired to come up with a better way of earning TORN for using Tornado.


AP mining should be, at least, temporarily stopped. It was good to get some exposure for Tornado, now there is no need to continue the program.

Let the price of TORN be decided by whatever is in the market right now.

Maybe a new AP mining program should be initiated if the transactions on TORN drop, but it doesn’t look like it anyway, so I don’t see any usecase anymore.

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To add to @Archie’s first point, a lot of AP miners deposited from and withdrew to the same address, which didn’t increase the anonymity set for dedicated Tornado Cash users because these tx are easy to link. You can see a more accurate view of the anonymity sets of the different Tornado Cash Pools on Tutela by using the Tornado Cash Pool Anonymity Auditor.

I’ve written more about this here.

If AP mining were to be reintroduced, it may be worth considering introducing a mechanism to prevent users from depositing and withdrawing to the same address, however, that may complicate some use case formats for users.

I would love to know if this is technically possible if anyone could contribute on that.

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