Multisig Election

Hello to all,
Due to the resignation of @Justin_Bram as a multisig signatory and given that several people have presented themselves as potential new multisig signatories, either publicly or privately, I thought it might be interesting to hold a new election to elect a new batch of 5 signatories.

So far, here are the people who have eitheer publicly or privately expressed their interest in becoming a multisig signatory:

Currently, here is the list of signatories since June 2021:

This gives us a list of 7 potential multisig signers for 2022, including 5 candidates who are currently multisigs and 3 candidates who would be interested in becoming/stay multisigs:

As a reminder, a multisig signatory must:

  • Follow the will of the Tornado Cash community
  • Sign multisig transactions quickly
  • Be available and active within the multisig group in order to propose new things to the community, by proposals, ideas,…
  • Resign if he can no longer respect his commitments as a signatory or withdraw if the community decides to do so.

In terms of compensation, it was initially proposed that a compensation of 100 TORN per month would be fair.
For the above reasons as well as the following:

  • A signatory must be available to brainstorm, exchange with other signatories around the project to make it progress in a positive way,
  • A signatory must be available to vote on the multisig transactions quickly.

Moreover, in case of legal problems linked to the role of the signatory or to his contributions, it was agreed that the multisig funds would be used so that he could defend himself legally. And of course, it is for this risk that the contribution of 100 TORN was chosen.

I would like to remind you that a signatory must be very available to move the community forward. A candidate therefore undertakes to be active in the event of being elected, in terms of his or her contribution to the community.

In case the signatory can’t be active enough for the community, he will be able to decide on his own to not be paid anymore/to reduce his compensation. I propose that if the majority of multisigs feel that the signatory does not deserve his compensation, it should be reduced or even taken away from him.
The latter can then withdraw from the multisig if he decides to do so or continue, until a next snapshot vote for re-election.

@Rezan, can you create a snapshot allowing to vote for 5 people please?

I hope you have a happy holiday season and that you can all enjoy these last days of 2021 to spend time with your loved ones! :slight_smile:


Since you are proposing holding an entirely new election, that could result in 3/5’s of the current signers being redacted. I’d like to voice my concerns for the last time, around the lack of transparency in the identities of current signers including the potential new actors interested in contributing to such role.

We all know why many actors in this space keep their identity hidden, especially in the context of a privacy prevailing protocol - it is understandable. Although, there is always a select few willing to stand with no veil, and as the only remaining actor that fits this demographic within the current signatories after the recent resignation. I am concerned for my own sense of accountability if re-elected and this fact does not change. Given that, if collusion did occur there is only a singular actor with a real-world identity they would most certainly absorb all liability.

The community fund was found with 2/3’s (66%) of the demographic being incognito, so I ask we respect this ethos to maintain a balanced coalition and disincentivise collusion. I also ask if any other transparent actors feel confident in stepping forward, please do not hesitate to. For context, I believe such demographics of signatories is only sensitive at such low-level signature counts. At scale and with proper auditing of each candidate, this is not as much of a conflict.

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I agree with you that it would be better to have more transparent signers. But as you know, it is difficult to find active people that are transparents and want to become signers for the Tornado Cash community multisig fund.

The community will decide what they want regarding this subject thanks to this vote.

As a reminder :

  • 5 of 7 candidates are anon.
  • 2 of 7 candidates are working full time for TC community.
  • 2 of 7 candidates are doxxed.

Voting is live :slight_smile:

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I am pretty new to the project so I did not propose myself to the multisig but I would be interested to be part of the multisig in the future. Meanwhile I will try to keep working/helping during 2022!


As a former participant of the multi-sig I would encourage you to become quite active and attentive to the happenings of the community. Help new folks on the forum, make contributions where you can. Best of luck!