My AP Balance Did Not Increase But The Reward is Marked as Claimed

During an AP claim, via a relayer, I received an error message. I went ahead to try to claim again, but I got a message that reward is already claimed. Checked my balance, it was not. Cleared my note account from browser and re-unlocked, tried again and it still said the reward was claimed. I also tried decrypting the note and inputting it manually to claim; I got the same “reward was claimed” message. I triple checked everything, reward absolutely was not claimed.

Any advice?

Did you really check the exact mining account to which AP should be sent? Have you connected the wallet whose recovery key was exactly of that mining account? Also are you sure that you have created only one account? If so, try connect with recovery key with the recovery key, and AP should normally be there. If it isn’t, try with another browser with a fresh profile and recover the mining account.

Chances are the reward was actually claimed and gone to the different AP mining account.

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Note account is the correct one, yes, also the connected wallet. Tried with a fresh browser too.

It appears that there is a bug in UI and my reward is marked claimed although it is not. It would be possible to recover the reward if I could generate proof myself and call the contract directly.

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