My withdrawal has not arrived in my metamask wallet

I tried to withdraw my Eth from Tornado cash. I put in my Metamask Eth address for the receiver and the note code. It accepted both and I withdrew. Then it asked me to confirm which I did. Now 4 o 5 hours later nothing has arrived in my Metamask wallet. There was no error message. How long is it normal for this to take and is there anyway I can check what’s going on?

Did you use a relayer? Or did you sign from your own wallet?

If you used a relayer, then it’s possible relayer may have failed and you missed the notification. Similarly, if you signed with your wallet, the tx might have failed. Check your list of notes. Does it say your note was withdrawn already? It may still be there ready for you to withdraw again

If you check and it claims it is withdrawn, then it should provide you with a transaction id that you can follow to do a little investigating to see where it may have gone

Thank you for your helpful reply - I did use a relayer but I’m not actually worried about the anonymity of this transaction. At this point just want to get the Eth out.

For simplicity will it work if I ask to withdraw it to the same Metamask wallet I used to deposit? I know this isn’t what is advised from a privacy POV - but this doesn’t matter for this transaction.

I think you can try to redeem your ETH again with another relay