No relays working for me to withdrawal

Hi guys,

I deposited Eth, have the note, everytime I try and withdrawal using any relay I get a message that the relay is down and to try another.

Tried different computers, clearing my cache, tails. No good.

Using a VPN and am following the guides.

Please help me get my eth back.
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Hi @jamie,

There’s nothing to worry about.

A fix was implemented to address this exact issue on all the other networks, ETH is up next.

I’ll let you know when it’s been addressed.


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Thanks Heimdall, both for setting my mind at ease and being so quick to respond. I’ll sit tight, keep up the good work.

You’re welcome, @jamie!

The fix for all networks including ETH has been deployed and that is version 346b8c5.

If you’re not seeing this version, save your note, clear your cache, and try again.


I cant thank you enough, everything went though perfectly.

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