Nova funds rescue II

Dear Community,

Some users of Tornado Cash Nova experienced unsuccessful deposits again which is similar to what happened here:

As mentioned in the previous post, it’s been updated already and the only reason it happened again this time around is because these community members used the cached version (older UI).

The ETH they sent to the contract did not show up in their Nova App. ETH from these failed transactions went to tornado community multisig instead.


The resulting table of all users with failed txs

Blockscout tx Amount
0xc695cc427efd8097d96563fd6292e38bde94b813967878824f73dbc6473bf178 0.4
0xfd90bb7698dafb179646a6af5230a6eb41a5cb517671cdc3775367c1c653c475 0.25
0xa91c025eafb0a5ff224d24d8fb0a4f36a48cff691efcc7cdaec6e1581465f4b4 0.25
0xf102a2990c6239b0654a6aa301cfc7cf28e462b39f7c9439ad6035d0f752338b 1
0x58a2ca402eabb2aa72f4021037c64fbe2b35424ecf7cb5ff6f6c49ec37316dfd 0.06045707341
0x9ff5ed608af082e62e51b1f76020990f83a56540eccf8e3fd01d8275f71785de 0.05
0x66897387f08dbd4e2d63c09cfe6aaec4c8c5e5192e1aa6be402651a383e3f632 1
0xe86bf6641b5ba195c1cc880eafdcc97537bd113a06884356908156e1b86f6389 0.6808923492

What is going to be done for these users

Multisig will send 3.69134942 WETH (amount received) from the xdai multisig to mainnet and distribute ETH.


Hello, I am one of those failed txs. What do I need to do to recover my funds?

Just wait for the multisig to send you back the funds. You do not need to do anything :relaxed:


It doesn’t seem to have any progress. May I ask how long we need to wait? thank you

@xgozzy is taking care of it, we will update you when it is done.

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The failed deposits in question have been redistributed to all effected parties.

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