Nova funds rescue

Nova funds rescue

Hi everyone,
Some users of Nova experienced unsuccesful deposits. They sent eth to the contract but did not get it in Nova app. Ether from all failed tx went to tornado community multisig.


Don’t panic, the issue was on UI and it had been fixed already.

Here is the step by step explanation how to get original sender of a failed tx.

The failed tx has 0x000500004ac82b41bd819dd871590b510316f2385cb196fb000000000001855d messageId. By this messageId we can get info about mainnet tx:

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getLogs","params":[{"fromBlock":"0xd59f80","address":"0x4c36d2919e407f0cc2ee3c993ccf8ac26d9ce64e","topics":["0x482515ce3d9494a37ce83f18b72b363449458435fafdd7a53ddea7460fe01b58","0x000500004ac82b41bd819dd871590b510316f2385cb196fb0000000000017bca"]}],"id":74}'


So we can see the same amount of ETH and original sender on Etherscan. The sender is 0x44bdb19db1cd29d546597af7dc0549e7f6f9e480

The resulting table of all users with failed txs

Blockscout tx Etherscan tx Recipient Amount
0xb30d299b63deacf7730a7e3316074bebd6d8dee248162f945b1e3df434839d14 0x07aa7d4a28ab4e8177111d8ca68ddfab99efe7be2b8c94104fa407d14abad0ae 0x44bdb19db1cd29d546597af7dc0549e7f6f9e480 1
0x2f1c483fb85285d26fecb36f19f02142ca8099297aa6977f681d4d83b135998a 0xa00cc6766728bfd9762ab3bcaab2456f42fd0b56338cacf99482c33d6fa5c600 0xc9e10c5e26066dd5b912fe1ed2d933a0a25bdd14 0.23
0x369114aa953c5c027c48c072d42a9fe297dccb6342fd23731b60e92371e56850 0x0788a8f2c6eca49c7d90d86fc0dc0be5a1f4309aa31b52d14854cc205b4f1fb0 0x5e9a57b29f06ef051348f60d38c7ccf6b7391a87 1
0xd69e1809f959ee3b6bc2a05409e4f92e55b20cb4a94e2e0911d5f5d137bd4f53 0x56ccb0e8bef7c849ad4d546da37712fa03b361328ed5fc7c1bef1846cfc5f492 0x49269ca581d69346a46ea41db3753a142f3b575a 0.1
0x30d93d7074b87d635b276dbfb40096bff51c44302d5baa458d422d72f44afbb6 0xa3269ddbd15d8b32d03abb728ba1ff6d1da7bae43cc8d6dab62e3cd00f993144 0x4dd2a335d53bcd17445ebf4504c5632c13a818a1 0.001
0x1c0bbc8bb7de8bbd7ee4fe51f9a6e39214a6b1282301248556213de33e1018eb 0xea0e150a4383e52c9f4e17a173e3a3c81ba89da12db34bd9fc7892e70dc70aa8 0xc8c429e6028c5a4e1ef373ad1e7747cc16d5991d 0.02
0x043fc3e7dfa0fb0cf5005ae6078a444d662ad284fcf8d2a48b49e6342124988e 0x88a76cc3079f436271c8ff0e4ba49c7f6aa9b9c4fe8b5153eea236578ceac916 0x7fda3955e36d6e7075f94a009be055641394616d 1
0xe91893934ac1de338ed5f6ca6c83cf9054fc9bb9722ee2b4d0a7e99a0d270201 0x718a753c2d87eb78c115bd0e52385c7bd764ca39223e6cde46fd4defcbd891b4 0x341d8f616696d6fd6dc43146f8080b219fba7457 0.479274834147262021
0x2fefaa1b963f36b6b29caee28f7a2d8e8d497e90c44027a32fbe1879dd8c8b0b 0x7734fd2c1a4f45f97764677b87737e4eb5978317525374c3fba36fc7ab276f4d 0xa059c7d81ddeb87b5c1267d4ab284ab128bbe0a8 1

Note. One of the users marked as a phisher. So the community will have to decide what to do with his ETH.

What is going to be done for other users

  1. Multisig will send 3.830274834147262021 WETH (amount received) from the xdai multisig to mainnet and distribute ETH as the following:

The phisher address - Fake_Phishing5139 | Address 0x5e9a57b29f06ef051348f60d38c7ccf6b7391a87 | Etherscan that was red flagged by etherscan will not receive the 1 ether in this sending batch. It will be up to the community to decide what we should do with this amount.

We’ll do a snapshot regarding this :slight_smile:

Edit : After speaking with other multisig members, we are not able to judge whether an etherscan flag is legit. That is why, we will send back the 1 eth to the flagged address.

My wallet was wrongly flagged, this seems to be a misunderstanding on my transaction on nova.
My address is

I’ve explained to mobs in the tornado community

A client of mine mistakenly reported my wallet

Hey when can I expect to see the funds back in my account ?

@xgozzy is working on it. We will update you when transfers are done.

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After discussion with other multisig team members, we will send you back funds @Lennyots. We are not able to judge if a etherscan/chainanalysis flag is legit or not and it is not our mission.

All of the users in question have been refunded their failed nova deposits.

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Thank you :pray: is tornado nova ready to go now? No issues?

Yes Nova is ready to use, no issues have been declared.

Just today, I encountered this problem again and reported it to the administrator

I’m try to explain to tornado my wallet was wrongly flagged and my transaction on nova hasn’t been refunded to me, cause of the misunderstanding on eth network

Hi @Theodore_Vasilis

Can you DM me your Transaction ID, please?

Thank you.

Hi @len,

Can you specify which of the ETH address above is yours, please?

Thank you.