[NOVA] Issues with deposits/fetching bal

It takes more than an hour after loging-in with privatekey or metamask for the shielded balance & previous transaction details to be fetched (Balance will show as 0). This happens with TOR browser (web assembly enabled), is there something that can be done to reduce said time? The same does not happen on other browsers such as brave,chrome,etc.

Update: Even after the balance is showed up, I’m unable to withdraw any funds. The withdraw button is greyed out and shows “Balance Fetching”

Hi @eksax,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your concern.

The solution to this is relaunching TOR.

For other browsers:

  1. Save your shielded key
  2. Clear your browser’s cache / use another browser or device / launch another VPN instance / a different internet connection
  3. Use your shielded key or wallet to connect to Tornado Cash Nova

If nothing changes, kindly repeat the steps above until it goes through.


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Thanks, a different browser works as i stated above. But hopefully TOR Browser support is improved as the service is kind of unusable on the TOR browser rn, even after several restarts, new identities & new circuits.
I had issues fetching balances and getting a withdrawal or deposit to go through. This is only with NOVA tho, the classic service works just fine.

And once again thanks for the help, appreciate it.

Hi @eksax,

Glad it worked out just fine.

Thank you for the update and feedback, we’ll take note of this.