Nova - Withdrawal error

I’m trying for 3 days to withdraw my ETH from Nova but it stucks on “sending” with error: “Providermethod checknetworkversion has error: provider method sendrequest has error: this provider is undefined.”
I already tried different browsers and different devices

Thanks in advance

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Hi @rkmeaz,

Thanks for getting in touch.

These are the troubleshooting steps:

If you are using TOR, just relaunch and use a fresh instance.

For other browsers:

  1. Save your shielded key
  2. Clear your browser’s cache / use another browser or device / launch another VPN instance / a different internet connection
  3. Use your shielded key or wallet to connect to Tornado Cash Nova

If nothing changes, kindly repeat the steps above until it goes through.


Hi @Heimdall, thanks for your reply.
I already tried as suggested 10 times, used another browser, another device, another connection and another relayer but still getting that error.
I also tried to login using both shielded key and metamask.

Hi @rkmeaz,

Thanks for the detailed feedback.

Can you DM me a screenshot of the error you’re seeing, please?


It’s solved, I just tried again and again.
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Good to know! Thank you for the update