Partnership Proposal V2.0 Tornado &

About DDDX. io

DDDX. io is a DEX 2.0 platform for stable currency swaps. With the new AMM algorithm it achieves extremely low slippage and a 0.01% fee rate. Similar to Curve Finance, DDDX. io is also a community-led DEX platform that supports veToken governance (voting escrow tokenomics ) and ve(3,3) tokenomics.

Currently deployed on BNB Chain, DDDX. io plans to deploy & launch on Ethereum. Based on this, DDDX. io hopes to invite you as one of the Ethereum ecological partners to participate in the launch and the protocol governance.

DDDX protocol has done many optimizations and upgrades on the basis of the Solidly protocol launched by AC, and has a better economic model and transaction experience than Solidly.

As we witnessed when Solidly was first deployed on Fantom, it has brought more than $ 2 billion of TVL to FTM, bringing impressive liquidity to the 20 protocol partners who have wisely participated in the governance. We believe that the deployment of DDDX on Ethereum will also bring benefits to our partners, bring you more exposure and liquidity, and boost the growth of your protocol.

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Partners on BNB Chain: Autofarm, Beefy, dForce, Moonpot, RabbitFinance etc.

Whitepaper & Tokenomics: Launch Plan on Ethereum -

Partnership Proposal V 2.0 for Tornado & DDDX. io

1.Official listing on DDDX .io platform under TORN-USDC pair

  • With an official listing,TORN-USDC can be easily accessed.
  • Start liquidity is required on DDDX platform:$1,000,000 in TORN and $1,000,000 in USDC
  • The liquidity will be kept in the TORN-USDC pair, which will be considered as a safety measure and add the trust of users, good for long-term users growth.
  • Tornado users will enjoy the lowest platform fee of 0.01% to swap for TORN.
  • DDDX platform has a better stablecoin algorithm and governance model than Curve, will make the slippage of the TORN-USDC lower, to help the TORN swap price more stable and accurate.

2.DDDX tokens airdrop for Tornado team and community members:

  • In the tokenomics of DDDX protocol the initial total supply is 3,000,000 DDDX.

  • To start the partnership with Tornado, 150,000 DDDX tokens (5% of the total supply ) will be shared to you in the form of veNFTs:

    -For Tornado team: 40% (60,000 DDDX)

    -For Tornado community members:60% (90,000DDDX)
    through random airdrops to 1000 users who hold ≥ 10,000 TORN in their wallet. FCFS

  • When Tornado team and the community members get the veNFTs airdrop, they can vote for TORN-USDC trading pair.

    With these important votes, the TORN-USDC pool will generate DDDX emission rewards, which will be sent to liquidity providers and motivate them.

    The Voters for TORN-USDC can get the transaction fees and Bribe rewards of the trading pair.

3.Creating Bribes Plan for 28 days.

  • Tornado provides a Bribes plan for 4 weeks, sharing $ 40,000 of TORN per week, to reward the users who vote for the TORN-USDC trading pair.

  • Providing bribes will attract more users to vote for this trading pair.

  • And with the votes, the trading pair will get more DDDX tokens emissions, it will attract more liquidity providers to add liquidity to TORN-USDC, and will bring more interest to your token.

  • The sum of the bribes should be $ 160,000 of TORN.


  • Adding DDDX. io Entrance on the Tornado Staking page
  • Cross-marketing on on social media
  • The DDDX protocol will be very glad to consider any potential integration in Tornado projects.

I think it worths a try
We need more incentive acitivity to get Tornado more activie in the market.

I strongly disagree with this proposal. I do not see any benefits for our community & our community fund do not have enough fund for it.

Not to mention that your protocol do not have volume or liquidity.

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