Please do PulseChain

Hi, sort of reposting due to lack of response.

How about supporting the new upcoming PulseChain? - it’s a fork of Ethereum, that’s gonna be substantially smaller fees, faster, delegated proof of stake… other goodness.

The TORN token and smart-contract will be part of the fork, it would only take a change to the website to toggle between Ethereum and PulseChain - and BAM we get Tornado Cash on PulseChain. Please!?!


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You can use the Polygon network. It is already integrated into the Tornado website and protocol. It also has low commissions

But that’s not the same as using tornado cash on pulsechain.

I guess most of the guys here do not know well what PulseChain is and what kind of merit it has over the other blockchains which have been integrated.

I’m asking:

  • Does it achieve something that cannot be done on the integrated blockchains?
  • How much manpower will it require to integrate it?
  • How much is it possible for the work to pay off?
  • How large is the PulseChain’s ecosystem compared to those of the integrated blockchains?

Everyone is working here voluntarily, so you would need to incentivize and encourage developers who are going to sacrifice their own time (= life), unless you would work on the integration by yourself. You need more than just reposting the original thread IMHO.

Hi, sorry for the late response. I didn’t see your note.

PulseChain is a fork of Ethereum. Is a full state fork, i.e., everything gets copied - including the Torn contracts and ERC20s. The team is improving GETH to be 4x faster, reduce fees to penny or less, changing consensus to be delegated POS, and they burn 25% of all txn fees (making the whole thing deflationary). will work as-is, you just need to update the website’s dapp to have the right RPCs.

From what I heard someone is already in process of forking Tornado to pulsechain, but would rather it was the real project that took it on.

PulseChain will likely launch at the end of 2021, they have a testnet up. There is already almost 50K people in their community/TG - it looks to be an awesome new environment since every one will have a copy of everything they currently own in ETH. (and an environment that is cheap and fast to use and has everything already there)