Problem Withdrawing from Tornado Cash Nova

Hello, I just withdrawed ETH from Tornado Cash Nova, the transaction went through but the ETH did not show up in my recipient address. I saw there were similar issues in the past days. Could devs please help, really need help.

please help! thank you.

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pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help

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Hi @urjep,

Please DM me your transaction ID and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Hello, for me a transfer problem with Tornado Cash Nova, the transaction was completed but the ETH did not appear in my recipient address.

Transaction details: 0x8967d4feb38259136e6e0f80770f762a3c1a9971f50d2f398305646878d1188c

Please help me ! Thank you.

Hi @GitBitGoo,

Please DM all relevant info about the transaction including screenshots if possible and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Hi Heimdall,

These were my steps:

  • 12/03/2022 07:14:05 Incoming fund 0.102 ETH to my address
  • 12/03/2022 07:19:52 Once shielded balance updated to 0.102, went to ‘Transfer’ tab and inputted my recipient’s address [0x0000…0000] with 0.0904 ETH as the token amount
  • 12/03/2022 08:42:19 I redid with another receiving address [0x1111…1111] and the funds 0.0723 ETH are not transmitted
  • Waited for shielded balance on recipient’s address [0x1111…1111] and [0x0000…0000] to update… which never happened

The tx was successful on blockscout and my recipient’s address is registred in Tornado Pool.

Thank you,

Hi @GitBitGoo

Thanks for sending these over. Can you DM me the transaction ID on blockscout?

Thank you,


Finally everything worked on both addresses.

You had to connect with the receiving address on Tornado Pool with the shielded key. Then validate the withdrawal to the wallet.

I thank you,

Great! Thanks for the update, @GitBitGoo!


What wallet do you use?
I had the same problem @urjep

I have the same problem. Yesterday I made a transfer, the funds have not yet been credited to the recipient. Who can I contact to resolve this issue

Hi @GnatS,

As long as you didn’t send to an exchange it should be there by now.

If you are going to deposit to an exchange after withdrawing from Tornado Cash, it would be advisable inquiring with them on their policies on deposits from privacy solutions.

The delay is usually caused by an issue with the Omnibridge execution service.


Hello I have deposited using Tornado Cash Nova and it has been debited from my account but hasnt appeared in the shielded balance. Is there anyway to get this thru?


These are the troubleshooting steps for your concern:

  1. Ensure your shielded key is backed up
  2. Clear browser history and cache
  3. Initialize a new VPN instance
  4. Sign in with shielded key

If it remains the same, repeat steps 2 to 4.