[Proposal] Nova - Increase the deposit limit


Since December 2021, Tornado Cash Nova is live and there have been no concerns regarding the security of the contracts.


This experimental version is a real success.
~4300 wallets have been able to use Nova for a total of ~5000 ETH deposited.

Today, it is only possible to deposit 1 ETH per tx on Nova.


This limit requires users to deposit 1 eth several times in a row if they want to deposit a higher amount. The gas costs are therefore multiplied.

After almost 6 months with this limit, I suggest that we increase the deposit limit to 10 ETH per tx.

The 4-to-5 multisig team has the possibility to change the limit of ETH deposited on Tornado Cash Nova.

Within a week, a snapshot will be set up :smile_cat:

Thanks for reading, stay strong during this bear market buddies :mechanical_arm:


Just to play devil’s advocate, wouldn’t raising this limit open the door for more nefarious users to use Tornado to launder their Crypto? Are there any measures in place, or is it even possible to have measures In place, to distinguish between legit and nefarious users? Are there ways to financially disincentivize nefarious use cases while allowing legitimate use cases through the net? One example : if the Freedom Convoy 2022 user NobodyCaribou wanted to push 200 eth through Tornado would he be able to do this slowly and automatically without disincentive? How would these legitimate usage patterns differ from known fraudulent use cases such as laundering drug money? If a usage pattern is flagged, could a technique such as Kleros be used to force the user to defend their activities against a jury of their peers ?

Actually, if you want to make private transactions with Tornado Cash for up to 100 eth, you can use Tornado Cash Classic.
Therefore, there is no direct relationship between increasing the Tornado Cash Nova maximum deposit and some increase in “nefarious” uses.