Proposal to add MIM

HI all,

This is Squirrel from Abracadabra.

I would like to open up the discussion around the proposal of adding Magic Internet Money (MIM).

To learn more about MIM:

Why add MIM?
MIM is currently the most decentralized stablecoin the EVM ecosystem has. As decentralization is extremely important to us and our community, it should come to no surprise that privacy is equally as important. A lot of our users as you can imagine are “decentralization maxis”, due to this I expect a lot of ussage of MIM via Tornado.

We think it would be fantastic to work together with Tornado Cash, to create the most decentralized and privacy centric stablecoin.

Let us know what you think, and any opinions you have!


MIM would be a wonderful and mutualistic addition to Tornado. Awaiting with anticipation.

I think privacy is really important in a deal. Great offer!

Proof-of-Concept would be greatly appreciated! People here might be helping you :grin: