Proposal to deploy Tornado Cash Nova

Link to deployment ceremony

We are glad to introduce TornadoCash Nova, an upgraded Tornado.Cash pool presenting unique features focused on improving user experience & expanding the protocol functionalities.

This pool will allow users to deposit & withdraw arbitrary amounts of ETH. Up to now, all Tornado.Cash pools had one thing in common: users could only deposit and withdraw a fixed amount of a given token within each pool. With the arrival of the Nova pool, this statement will no longer be true.

This new version will also provide the possibility to make shielded transfers of deposited tokens while staying within the pool. So far, to transfer the custody of deposited funds, tokens needed to be withdrawn first. That is about to change! Users will be able to transfer a chosen amount of their deposited tokens (not necessary all of them) to another address without needing to withdraw them from the pool.

Speed & cost being the cornerstone of user experience, TornadoCash Nova uses the xDai Chain as a Layer2. Thanks to this, users can benefit from cheaper fees, while still having fast transactions. This sidechain was specifically chosen as an L2 for being the only one that supports fast withdrawals to mainnet complete vs. ~3hours on Polygon & ~7 days on Optimism or Arbitrum).

If you support this, the contracts can be deployed from here

Source code:


It’s deployed! Waiting for Relayers, UI, and xDai bridge whitelist approve. Should take like 2 days.


That is a great update, If it is possible to add a protocol level fee for using it? just like sushiswap, sushi holders can benefit for staking sushi and earn protocol level fees from it.

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Would be nice if somebody could explain, what does “deploy”-button means. What actually happens, when tornado holder presses deploy button.

This version is more like a quick demo, but in the major next version yes, it would be possible